It wouldn’t be any other album. If you know me, you will know my obsession for this band.
When QOTSA release a new album I always get nervous. Nervous with excitement but also a deep seeded fear that I may not actually like the record and I did get a bit of a shock with ‘…Like Clockwork’.
‘My God is the Sun’ was released and it was accepted a great single. Straight up rock song, good hooks. Much like No-One Knows or Lost Art…
In my mind, and I don’t know if others agree with me, but knowing that Dave Grohl was drumming on most of the album and hearing the first single, I was expecting a return to SFTD days. Riffs and drums, hard rock.

When I listened to the album for the first time it threw me completely. I was sat on a crammed commuter train with my headphones in and I just wanted to talk to someone who might understand me. I text my friend and gave my view of confusion, but he reassured me and told me to listen to it a few more times and eventually I’d get it.
This may all sound ridiculous to the average music fan, but if you are an audiophile and mega-fan of an artist or band, you invest a lot of time, money and travelling time into them. You follow them for years, you meet them, you invest in other projects and music related to them. You get comfortable with their sound. They may make some changes but you always recognise distinct sounds and techniques they use.
This was something very different, but after multiple listens that week and in future months, reading interviews and eventually seeing it played live a few times, I understood what ‘…Like Clockwork’ was about.
Unlike any previous QOTSA albums this was truly a set of songs that were written to be recorded and played as a complete album and conveyed as an idea. This was a reflection into Josh Homme’s life in the months he was seriously ill after an operation went wrong. You can hear the pain and frustration in many of the lyrics.
This band has brought Josh a long way since it’s formation. From small bars to filling arenas night after night I truly do admire what they do. Yes I am a fanboy for these guys, but when you can produce music I love time and time again for different reasons then go blow my mind live I have an excuse.
Here’s to the next QOTSA album…

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Another British rock band in my Top 10 and for good reason. Many of the acts in my Top 10 are very unique and recognisable if you heard them against someone within their genre of music. However if you do something that has been done before in a similar vein but do it well you definitely deserve a listen.
Dinosaur Pile Up, the creation of Matt Bigland, is something done very well indeed. You can clearly hear the influence of the American rock giants like Foo Fighters and Weezer, but in his own head Matt creates mind blowingly simple but original riffs and turns them into songs that could easily fill an arena sized venue.
My musical tastes as a kid started with riffs that made me ‘mosh’ and jump around like an idiot and this album takes me back to that excitement I had when I first started discovering band after band expanding my collection.
Any music that gives you that excitement or moves you emotionally in any shape in form is certainly something that you should treasure and Matt has certainly given many fans that.

Crass, humorous, heavy, ridiculous, tongue in cheek, welsh, brave, rude, funky, sausage on a stick?

All of these words may or may not accurately describe Future of the Left. All you need to know is that they recorded another album and if you want something different that will make you smile, think and strain your brain, get this album.
Also be careful if you go to a show…one of them might use you as a human beer tipping device…

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Rolling on from my number 5 album of the year I talked about inspiration. Trent Reznor and all those that have worked alongside him over the years are certainly legends for most alternative music fans.
I could not put this album away for a few weeks after buying it. Reznor and his collaborator’s somehow create ridiculously hooky pieces of music but delivering something unique every time.
I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the tiny Scala show in London last year and truly was one of the best experiences of my life.

Reznor, you are truly a living musical legend.

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Most innovative album of the year for me had to be this. Losers, originally creation of XFM DJ, Eddy Temple-Morris and The Cooper Temple Clause’s, Tom Bellamy, is a juggernaught of dance-rock infusion.
This second album they were joined by Paul Mullen, formerly and currently of many great projects including yourcodenameis:milo. These 3 combined have created something truly special and indescribable.
On record it’s dancey, full of beats and beautiful. Live it’s like having your face ripped off by snare and guitar strings…in a truly amazing style.
Gary Numan has also tipped his hat to these guys, not only taking them as support on his UK tour but publicly saying how inspiring this record is.
If that’s not enough for you to give it a listen then you should throw away your collection now and listen to Justin Beiber.

If you read this, I urge you to take half an hour out of your day to at least give this a listen. Projects like this give me lots of hope for the near future of music.

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Taking a short while apart to create their respective debut solo LPs it was exciting to see these two return to combine again and see what they would deliver.
They did not disappoint, but they have certainly changed direction since their earlier albums. Dan’s beats have taken a darker, heavier turn. His sound has certainly changed with the times too. But there is no doubting that the music he has worked hard on should take it’s credit alongside the usually brilliantly lyricism from Pip.
If anyone knows his previous work either musically or in spoken word will already know this, but with record more than ever you can hear his influences coming through with more identity.
This duo are surging in popularity right now with expanding UK and European tours and they deserve it. Years of creating, touring, networking and being open with their fans is paying off. As fans, we can only hope these two keep rolling together and entertain us for years to come.

In the UK in recent years bands have delved into pop rock. In all honesty a lot sounds the same. Debut album after debut album of essentially a slightly rockier version of Mcfly.
Then there are bands who hone their own style for a few years, throw in some killers riffs and the odd off beat time signature and you have a band like Arcane Roots.
As a three piece they create a hell of a sound and their new LP is a well crafted selection of melodies and heavy songs, a fantastically two faced band.
If you get a chance to see them live either plugged in or acoustic, both are worth the entry fee.

This bluesy young duo came to my attention when I was planning to watch ‘Later with Jools Holland’. I love the team who book acts for this show. The fact they have the balls to put Drenge straight on with no intro after Kanye West has just performed his massive comeback single with moody lighting.
Did Drenge step up to the plate with their TV debut? Damn right they did!
No over complications with their songwriting. Rhythmic riffs and drum beats with moody vocals…beautiful stuff and I hope they get the chance to tour extensively in the coming years.

As an Audiophile I love finding music before the majority and then it becoming popular months later. Gives me a thrill finding something new that not many people have heard before and sharing it.
Now I do have to admit, I did discover Disclosure thanks to new friends made at Benicassim in summer of 2012 and those guys and girls have gone to help me discover other areas of music I haven’t really delved into fully.
I think a reason why I loved this album so much when it finally landed and became a soundtrack to summer 2013 is because it reminded me of making new friends and of good times more recently.
I can understand why these brothers have grown to have such huge popularity and commercial success.

If you want feel good dance music you need this album spinning whilst you enjoy a Sangria.

Been meaning to create my list of Top 10 albums of the year for last couple of weeks and as I have the day off I thought I would today…
…posting a video from each album and brief reason as to why they are awesome or at least worthy of listen.

At number 10 for me was Frank Turner’s new effort ‘Tape Deck Heart’. I heard the first single ‘Four Simple Words’ in early 2013 when he was building up to his Wembley Arena show and loved it straight off the bat. Typical Frank, straight up and honest lyrics with a classic sing along to get the crowd involved.
Now each previous album from Frank has pleased me within a few listens and you quickly pick up the lyrics until all of the hooks are embedded in your mind (this a theory as to why he gets dedicated followings at shows).
Unfortunately ‘Tape Deck Heart’ hasn’t hit me the same way, a great album nonetheless, but I feel he is creating too much material in the last couple of years and the music isn’t really pushing any boundaries.

Solid songs, but nothing new, hence why it’s my number 10.

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